Latech is a company implied in the production of composite flooring with a wide use in exterior terrace, balcony, and interior hood etc. arrangements.

We are using composite materials because of their nature friendliness and remarkable high quality.

Light and resistant materials with a pleasant aspect, they successfully replace classic materials utilized in flooring.

Latech Composite – Ecologic Innovation

  • Nature + Technology

Composite floors combine the advantage of wood with the properties of plastics, a ecologic alternative (100% recyclable, protecting exotic wood species that come from tropical or endangered forests)

  • Mission

Our mission is to apply and to promote innovative methods in constructions and architecture, as well as to combine modern technology with ecology to protect the environment.

The exterior plates from Latech Composite are the recent and the best alternative for exterior flooring, terrace, fences, wood plating and use in various other places where our product can successfully replace wood.

  • Constant Innovation

The raw material composed of wood fibers, plastic granules and stabilization additives is mixed at high temperature to form a compound with special properties. For superior results we have implied an efficient investment combining classic materials with composite materials. In this way we have gained an increase of the good charachteristics and a compesation of the weak.

In the end the mix passes through an extruder so that the various dimension and shaped profiles from other types of exterior flooring and necessary profiles.

  • Quality control

Quality control is done to the raw materials wich are composed in the products, to the manufacturing process and to the finished product, so that the end product achieves superior properties, time and weather resistant.

The wood plastic composite plates from Latech Composite are submitted to strict quality control in various ways beginning with laboratory tests and further with simulating conditions of frost, burning sun, rain, humidity so that you can enjoy the product purchased from us.

It is important to know the role of expertise our company has in offering durable products.

The Latech Composite team is highly professional and has expertise in offering high quality and endurance exterior flooring

  • Environment protection

We, the team from Latech Composite consider that a huge part of our work is to choose environmental friendly materials with high durability and low maintenance cost.

It is unnecessary to destroy nature and the environment just to manufacture a product when we have enough recyclable raw materials on our planet.

We strongly believe that a product has a lifecycle and this can only be sustained by using innovative materials that respect nature.

We select only products that have a minimum impact on the environment are recyclable and durable in time

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